This study abroad will be based in Florence, Italy, with trips to Sienna, Pisa, Ravenna, Venice, and Chianti. Students will be engaged in learning about the architectural history of the region as well as learning to observe and sketch architecturally.

Students will learn to:

  • See design details in buildings and sketch them appropriately
  • Identify architectural features
  • Understand features of Renaissance buildings in the birthplace of the Renaissance
  • Describe how the renaissance impacted not only buildings but also painting, sculpture, and other art forms
  • Produce competent sketches

Course number (CRN)–name
ITDS 3954 (61296)–Interior Design Study Abroad (Italy and Florence)

Travel dates
May 16, 2017 – May 31, 2017



Application deadline (Check with the program contact for possible deadline extensions)
February 15, 2017

Program fee
$5,550 (in-state); $7,272 (out-of-state)

Payment deadline
February 15, 2017

Program contact
Lisa Tucker