The Business and Culture in Europe Study Abroad Program visits many of the most popular cities in Europe. Students will see historic cities and cultural icons, visit businesses and fully immerse themselves in European life. This 29-day journey offers the participants a unique and rewarding experience.
Students are expected to:

  • Compare business practices in Europe & the U.S.
  • Explain cultural differences
  • Explore pricing and product differences
  • Discuss importance of cultural/heritage sites
  • Discuss the immersion into different cultures
  • Describe impact on them as American students in a global stage


Students will stay in comfortable hotels with breakfast. Dinners will be group meals and are covered in the program fee. Studenst will choose their own lunches.


Participants will travel as a group from Washington, D.C. to Europe. Travel will be by train and bus while in Europe.

Course number (CRN)–name

BIT 3954 (00000)–Study Abroad

BIT 5954 (00000)–Study Abroad (Graduate Students)

Travel dates
May 15, 2017 – June 12, 2017



Application deadline (Check with the program contact for possible deadline extensions)
December 15, 2016 (Rolling Admission)

Program fee

Payment deadline
$2500 – February 01, 2017

$2900 – March 01, 2017

Program contact
Lance Matheson