The Office of Summer & Winter Sessions continues to strive to identify opportunities to expand on campus enrollment in summer sessions.  We are very aware not all courses translate well to a summer session.  However, you may have some proposed summer course offerings on your wish list but are constrained by funding limitations in support of the course offering. 

To that end, we have allocated a specific amount of resources to support additional offerings in summer sessions. We are inviting you to consider four options to seek additional summer instructional support.  In each case outlined below, we will consider the fit of the proposal within the goals of each initiative working toward the ultimate goal of increasing summer enrollment. Downloadable forms are located at the bottom of the page.

  • Summer Academy Grants 
    Departments wishing to propose course(s) for Summer Academy should complete the form with approximate costs for each course.  Summer Academy is Virginia Tech’s signature program in early admission for first year and transfer students. Tracks are created using six to seven hours of degree applicable credit. Funding support includes instructional salaries and external activities cost. Proposals that are responsive to the goals of the Destination Areas are encouraged. Please visit Summer Academy website for more information. 
  • Commonwealth Center Grants 
    [Use Summer Session Grant form and mark the Commonwealth Center Grant section] In a collaborative pilot venture, Summer & Winter Sessions will partner with Outreach and International Affairs (OIA) and departments to offer undergraduate courses in Newport News, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Roanoke, Richmond, Southwest Virginia, and Virginia Beach. Proposals are sought for high demand courses that aid in the progression toward the degree as well as in the generation of enrollment. If approved, Summer & Winter Sessions and OIA will work with departments to consider all the logistics for course delivery, including digital video broadcast.

  • Summer Session Grants 
    Departments wishing to propose additional undergraduate course(s) beyond the department’s current number of summer course offerings may request instructional salary support for either summer session.  Priority consideration will be given for course(s) that aid in the progression toward the degree as well as in the generation of enrollment.  

  • VT Shaped Student Inspired Grants
    Consideration will be given to course proposals that are VT Shaped in curricular design. The VT Shaped model promotes: transdisciplinary knowledge and technological literacy; informal communal learning; disciplinary depth; and, guided experiential learning. Grant proposals in this category must clearly demonstrate these learning outcomes. 

[Any credit hours generated via these special proposal options are included in the university summer credit hour revenue model and will be credited to the course offering department for future summer revenue allocations.]

Downloadable Forms: