Virginia Tech Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions 2020

May 26 - August 17. Soak up the beauty of Blacksburg in the summer at Virginia Tech, with the option of two short six-week sessions and one full twelve week session. Earn credits towards your major, catch exclusive summer class offerings — and still have time to go hiking or tubing.

Summer student on drill field

COVID-19 Update

As Virginia Tech continues "essential operations" and campus safety measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the university will move summer term academic programs, courses, and lab sections to online delivery. Please visit this page for continued updates.

Virginia Tech Students
Summer Has A New Look
Summer Sessions Has Slimmed Down to One Term

The university will now offer ONE term during the summer, which will include three options or “parts of term”:  two, 6 week and one 12 week option.

Now that summer is packaged "All in One" there is more flexibility and options to choose.

Being "All in One" provides these benefits:

  • More course offerings & scheduling
  • More student enrollment options 
  • More payment options
  • Budget Tuition Plan now available
  • No more course request

2020 Course Highlights

Summer Course Highlight

May 26 – July 2 


Take a journey through the Solar System, as we explore the eight planets and myriad other objects that make up our small stellar neighborhood. Along the way we will discuss the nature of science and the science of astronomy, discover our place in the cosmos, detect planets around other stars, and develop a cosmic perspective. 

Summer Course Highlight

July 8 – August 14 


Explore the Universe! In this course, we will investigate stars and how they form, live and ultimately die. We’ll discuss the objects that stars leave behind and the raw material they spread throughout galaxies. We’ll see how galaxies interact and our universe evolves to give rise to black holes and quasars and supernovae and life. And we’ll attempt to answer some of the biggest cosmic questions as we go. 

Summer Course Highlight

May 26 – July 2 

RLCL 1024 - Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Explore the historical foundations of three major world religions as this course is also designed to help us gain a greater understanding as we study each.

Summer Course Highlight

July 8 – August 14

HUM 1604 - Intro to Humanities & Arts

An introduction to the humanities through a review of some of the major developments in human culture. The goal is to analyze how societies express their ideas through art, literature, music, religion, and philosophy and to consider some of the underlying assumptions about the way societies are formed and run.